“What’s up fight fans? I’m Gries from Cage Side Seat and I want to share this amazing promotion from Vitargo, the fastest mouth to muscle carbohydrate sports drink, exclusively for you!

You guys know I’m pushing 50 and I need all the energy I can get to win in the fast-paced, physically draining world of MMA. You also know I don’t endorse any product I don’t use myself. I started using Vitargo a couple of weeks ago, and man did it make a difference in my workout and recovery! I hit the weights like a 25 year-old, and after I got done, I felt so good that I ran all the way home with all that extra energy! 

If you’re like me and you always want to perform at your best, do what I do and treat yourself to a clean, safe energy source with no caffeine and no sugar that tastes great and gives you all the fuel you need without bloating you up or slowing you down. Choose Vitargo!”

Watch my video on Vitargo here!

Take my 1 week challenge:

I challenge YOU to take Vitargo before and/or after you workout for the next week, and see if you feel the difference. If you don't, they will return your money! No worries. But, if you’re like me, you‘re gonna want to continue to train with this clean reliable energy source for the long haul.

By the way...I have an EXTRA BONUS just for YOU...

BE one of my first 50 listeners who like @vitargo on IG, share one of their posts and tag @cagesideseatmma to receive a FREE 20 scoop tub of Vitargo. You only pay $6.50 for shipping! Get posting now, and make sure you DM them to let them know you've posted. Vitargo, the official pre and post workout fuel and recovery drink of Cage Side Seat and my go-to for energetic workouts and fast, clean recovery.

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